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Red hartebeest

  Gestation period ± 240 days
  Young one
  Mass  ♂ 150 kg,  ♀ 120 kg
  Shoulder height 135 cm
  Horns 60 cm
  Life expectancy 19 years

The Red Hartebeest (Alcelaphus caama) is a species of even-toed ungulate in the
Bovidae family. It is found in Southern Africa.

The Cape or Red hartebeest is found in Namibia, Botswana, the Cape and Gauteng
provinces of South Africa. In north Africa several subspecies occur. Pronounced
differences in coloration, horn shape and size can cause considerable confusion
in identification.

The red hartebeest stands at an average height of between 120 and 140cm and has an
average weight of approximately 140 kg. It is a tall, elegant antelope. Coloration of the smooth glossy coat varies from reddish brown to fawn or tawny depending on location.
An extension of dark coloration extending from the shoulders to mid-back and down to
the base of the tail is more noticeable in males. Both sexes have a well defined area of
lighter yellow hair along the rump. Dark patches from the front of the shoulders extend
down the front of the forelegs sometimes stopping short of the knees but in some
cases might extend all the way to the hooves.

The forehead is black with a wide patch of red or brown across the face and between
the eyes. There is a black band across the muzzle. The sides of the face and neck are
lighter in shade with two narrow streaks of black joining to form a single stripe down the
ridge of the neck. White hair covers the inside of the long pointed ears.

Both sexes carry horns although those of the male are heavier. Set close together at their
base, they rise straight up level with the skull, curving forward and then backwards at right
angles with ridges covering about two thirds of their length. The tips are smooth.

Fun facts about the Red hartebeest
Sometimes nicknamed the “Harley Davidson” of the antelope tribe, because of the
configuration of his horns.

- Eland hunt
- Zebra hunt

Northern Hunting

- 8 days
- in total 6 days hunting
- Kudu
- Oryx
- Warthog
- Full option to hunt more  
  game according to trophy 
  list fee.

- Euro 2980





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